DIY Braided Notebook




I use this notebook to store all of my DIY ideas!


What you’ll need:

  • A piece of cardboard of the size of an A4 paper
  • Lined paper
  • Plain paper
  • 2 colours of coloured paper
  • 2 keychain rings


The photo shows 3 keyrings because that is what I originally planned, but I later decided to stick with 2

To start, cut your cardboard in 2 equal pieces and paint one side of them in a nice colourfullsizerender-8

I chose for blue


While that dries, you can start braiding. Cut your coloured paper into strokes of 1 cm in the lengt of your cardboard.


Now, stick two of them to your table with cellotape and keep adding more, sticking a stroke to the table every 4/5 strokes, until you’ve got a rectangle of the same size of your cardboard to create a cover.

Now carefully remove the cellotape and add glue to your cover and stick it to the unpainted side of one of your cardboard pieces.

Secure the edges by collating them to the cardboard


Add some coloured paper to your other piece of cardboard on the non-painted side. Now, punch holes with a hole puncher 2 inches from the sides of both cardboards and this is how your pieces should look:

Now for the paper:

Take your lined paper (about 20 sheets) and cut them along the lines shown in the photo:


Now punch holes 1,7 inches from the sides


if you want, you can also cut some plain paper in the same size


I also made some tabs for myself, but this is not necessary.


Now, line up both covers and your paper in the right order and shove the rings on the back cover.


Shove all the other papers through the rings too, one ring at a time


Finally, add the front cover and you’re done!




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DIY necklace/bracelet from scraps


Have loads of scraps from previous projects somewhere in a drawer? Well, I did. So I decided to do something with them; making a necklace/bracelet. You can choose which you make, it depends on how long you make it and how long your chain is.

Level: easy

What you will need:

  • A chain
  • A ring
  • Loads of scraps (think of ribbons, beaded chains etc.)
These were the scraps I used.


To start, line up the ends of your scraps and make sure they are all the same length.



Then, use a white piece of rope to tie all tour scraps together. Make sure it’s secure!


Now, divide your scraps in 3 groups…


…and start braiding!


The last step is to cut your chain in two pieces and to attach them to either side of the braid and you’re done!


You can use it both as a necklace or as a bracelet, whatever you prefer.

Used as a bracelet

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DIY necklace from shells



I was on vacation last week and found a lot of shells on the beach, so I decided to make a necklace from them. Here’s a tutorial so you can try it too!

Level: easy

What you need:

  • A shell
  • A little beed (like a key)
  • A clip
  • A closing piece
  • A pretty rope (I bought mine for 90 cents in a DIY store)
  • A bead with a ring attached
  • A little ring (not shown in picture)
This is everything you’ll need.

To start, attach the clipper to one end of the rope.


Then, make a little hole in the shell with the drill. You have to do this very carefully, or the shell will break.


Attach the key to the little ring and put it through the hole in the shell.


Now attach the bead with a ring to the rope…


…and slip the ring through it.


Now, attach the closing piece to the other side of your rope.



And you’re done!


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