DIY necklace from shells



I was on vacation last week and found a lot of shells on the beach, so I decided to make a necklace from them. Here’s a tutorial so you can try it too!

Level: easy

What you need:

  • A shell
  • A little beed (like a key)
  • A clip
  • A closing piece
  • A pretty rope (I bought mine for 90 cents in a DIY store)
  • A bead with a ring attached
  • A little ring (not shown in picture)
This is everything you’ll need.

To start, attach the clipper to one end of the rope.


Then, make a little hole in the shell with the drill. You have to do this very carefully, or the shell will break.


Attach the key to the little ring and put it through the hole in the shell.


Now attach the bead with a ring to the rope…


…and slip the ring through it.


Now, attach the closing piece to the other side of your rope.



And you’re done!


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