DIY necklace/bracelet from scraps


Have loads of scraps from previous projects somewhere in a drawer? Well, I did. So I decided to do something with them; making a necklace/bracelet. You can choose which you make, it depends on how long you make it and how long your chain is.

Level: easy

What you will need:

  • A chain
  • A ring
  • Loads of scraps (think of ribbons, beaded chains etc.)
These were the scraps I used.


To start, line up the ends of your scraps and make sure they are all the same length.



Then, use a white piece of rope to tie all tour scraps together. Make sure it’s secure!


Now, divide your scraps in 3 groups…


…and start braiding!


The last step is to cut your chain in two pieces and to attach them to either side of the braid and you’re done!


You can use it both as a necklace or as a bracelet, whatever you prefer.

Used as a bracelet

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