5 Minute Friendship Bracelets


Hello everybody!

This post is two days early because I won’t be able to post this weekend but I still wanted to write something for you guys.

So today I’m showing you a simple craft you can make within 5 minutes. These bracelets are really easy to make and they look really cute. Of course it doesn’t have to be a friendship bracelet, you can also just make one for yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 colours of wool
  • A jewellery clasp
  • Two small jewellery rings
  • One big jewellery ring
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cutting the wool

Depending on your wrist size, cut off pieces of wool of 50-80 centimetres. Cut 4 pieces from your three main colours and two pieces from your extra colour. I used Pink, blue and green as my main colours and a light pink as an extra colour.



Step 2: Sticking the wool to a surface.

Stick the wool to a flat surface with enough tape in three groups. This is so you can easily braid it. Add your extra colour to the two outer groups to give it a more interesting look than simply using three colours. You can also choose to mix all your colours.



Step 3: Braiding

Braid the three groups until the braid fits around your wrist twice.


Step 4; Knotting the ends and cutting of the access

Make a tight know at both of the ends of the braid.


Then cut off the access with your scissors.


Step 5: Adding the rings and clasp

These are what you’ll need:


Attach a small jewellery ring to one of the knots and attach the big ring to it.


Attach the clasp to the other end by using a small jewellery ring.


Step 6: Putting the bracelet together

Put the bracelet together by pulling the end with the clasp through the big jewellery ring.


Pull it through until you can attach the clasp to the big ring.


This is how it should look:



And that’s it! It’s just a really quick and easy way to make a cool bracelet.



What do you think about them? Would you make it yourself? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please like, comment and/or share. I would really appreciate that. And follow me for more DIYs and creative content!

I sadly won’t be able to post on Wednesday. But next Sunday a new DIY will be posted!

xxx, Yara


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