DIY Stone Pendant Necklace


Hello everybody!

Today I’m showing you how to make a stone pendant. It’s so easy and I like the rough look it has. The best thing though is that I made it from a stone I just found in the woods! I thought it looked really cool and decided to make a necklace out of it.


What you’ll need:

  • Some sort of flat stone
  • String
  • Clasp
  • File
  • Drill
  • Mod Podge (optional)


Step 1: Draw the shape you want


This was the original stone I found:


You can decide to keep the natural shape if you want, but I decided to go for a geometrical shape and drew it on the back with a pencil.


Step 2: Filing

Use a rough file to file the stone to the right shape. I used an iron file, but others will probably work as well. My stone was quite soft (for a stone) so the filing went pretty easy.


Step 3: Drilling

Dril a hole in the middle of the stone. A good idea might be to start with a small hole and making it bigger gradually. My hole is 6 mm wide.



Step 4: Glazing

This step is optional but I used a layer of Mod Podge to give it a glossy look. You could also add a layer of clear nail polish for the same effect.


Step 5: Adding a string

Add a string to the pendant. I decided to make a knot to keep it from sliding too much. Add the clasp and you’re done!


And that’s it! I think it looks pretty cool. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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xxx, Yara

DIY String Bracelet


Hello everybody!

I’m back again and today I’m showing you how you can make this very simple yet very cute bracelet.

It’s just a quick DIY, it’s really easy to make and it’s customizable however you want.


What you’ll need:

  • Beads
  • Coloured strings (I used embroidery thread)
  • Beads
  • Felt
  • Clasp
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Of course, you can use other things if you like: think of charms, pretty ropes, whatever you want! Just be creative😊


Step 1: Beading


Take a piece of thread and bead all your beads on it. I had really small beads so I used some fishing thread.

Make sure the piece is long enough to fit around your wrist!


Step 2: Braiding


Take three (or more) colors of your thread and split them into three groups. Make a knot at the top and braid all the way down until it fits around your wrists.


Step 3: Felt


Take your felt and cut off a thin strip of the right size.


Step 4: Putting it all together

Take everything you made and sort it into a nice order. I decided to add some loose strings to it to make it a bit nicer.


Then take your clasp and put one of the ends into one side of the clasp. Add glue to make sure it stays put. Repeat the same on the other side.



And you’re done!


I love this DIY so much!All the loose parts are so easy to make yet they look really cute all together.  I really like how this turned out, I like the blue-ish theme.

This is how it looks when you’re wearing it:


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xxx, Yara



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Easy DIY bracelet


3 DIY Summer Bracelets

5 Minute Friendship Bracelets


Hello everybody!

This post is two days early because I won’t be able to post this weekend but I still wanted to write something for you guys.

So today I’m showing you a simple craft you can make within 5 minutes. These bracelets are really easy to make and they look really cute. Of course it doesn’t have to be a friendship bracelet, you can also just make one for yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 colours of wool
  • A jewellery clasp
  • Two small jewellery rings
  • One big jewellery ring
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cutting the wool

Depending on your wrist size, cut off pieces of wool of 50-80 centimetres. Cut 4 pieces from your three main colours and two pieces from your extra colour. I used Pink, blue and green as my main colours and a light pink as an extra colour.



Step 2: Sticking the wool to a surface.

Stick the wool to a flat surface with enough tape in three groups. This is so you can easily braid it. Add your extra colour to the two outer groups to give it a more interesting look than simply using three colours. You can also choose to mix all your colours.



Step 3: Braiding

Braid the three groups until the braid fits around your wrist twice.


Step 4; Knotting the ends and cutting of the access

Make a tight know at both of the ends of the braid.


Then cut off the access with your scissors.


Step 5: Adding the rings and clasp

These are what you’ll need:


Attach a small jewellery ring to one of the knots and attach the big ring to it.


Attach the clasp to the other end by using a small jewellery ring.


Step 6: Putting the bracelet together

Put the bracelet together by pulling the end with the clasp through the big jewellery ring.


Pull it through until you can attach the clasp to the big ring.


This is how it should look:



And that’s it! It’s just a really quick and easy way to make a cool bracelet.



What do you think about them? Would you make it yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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I sadly won’t be able to post on Wednesday. But next Sunday a new DIY will be posted!

xxx, Yara


DIY Bracelet from a Keycord

Hello everybody!

Today is just a small craft, but hang on because this Thursday there will be a big announcement…


I don’t know about you but I always get keycords at like every event I go but I never use them. I have a bunch of keywords just lying around so today I decided to make a bracelet with them.

The only things you need are a keycord, cellotape, scissors and needle and thread.


Step 1: Cutting of one side at the clasp

Take your keycord at the side with the clasp and cut one one of the sides


Step 2: Cutting it to the right length

Cut the cord to a length about 1,5 times your wrist.


Step 3: Dividing the strands

Cut the cord into three strands with roughly the same size.


Step 4: Braiding

Braid the strands until it fits around your wrist. I used some cellotape to make sure it didn’t come loose.


Step 5: Sewing it shut.

Pull the strands through the other side of the clasp like this:


Make sure to cellotape them to each other to make the sewing easier


Then with a few stitches sew each strand together. This is how it’ll look:


Step 6: Cutting of the loose edges

Cut of the extra pieces of the strands. My keycord shredded a lot, so I had to cut of all those little strings too

Look at all the shredding!


And that’s it! I think it turned out quite nice and the cool thing is that you can use the clasp that is already on the keycord




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See ya Thursday!

xxx, Yara

Easy DIY bracelet


Hello everyone,

I’m back with a new post. This time I’m showing you how to make this cool DIY bracelet. It’s my own design and it’s really easy to make.

What you’ll need:

  • White crafting foam
  • Thin string
  • Two kinds of cute beads
  • A clasp (I used one for leather, it worked quite well)
  • Glue

Step 1: Cut a piece of foam with the length of your wrist circumference and the width of your clasp.


Step 2: Cut of a piece of string twice the length of your foam, fold it over and glue it to the edge of the foam like this:


You can use clothes-pegs to keep the string in place while it dries

Repeat this for the other side.


Step 3: Find some cute beads that will fit between the strings, preferably with a flat shape.


Step 4: Stick the beads to the foam with glue. I chose to place them alternately, with a little gap between every bead.



Step 5: Cut of a bit of the string if necessary and attach the clasps to the foam.


That’s it! It’s a really simple and quick way to make a cute bracelet.




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See ya!

xxx, Yara

3 DIY Summer Bracelets


Ok, it isn’t really summer yet, but it is never to early to make some bracelets, right? Today I will show you 3 ways to make easy summer bracelets.

Bracelet 1:

For this bracelet, you will need a few kinds of string. I used one with little beads, one with bigger beads, one braided string and two strips of felt.


Make sure they are all the same length and glue them to a piece of thin cardboard (like from a cereal box) as shown in the photo:


Then, add some more glue and bend the cardboard over. Do this to both sides.


Add jewellery rings to both sides and attach a clasp and you’re done.


It looks really cool, right?


Bracelet 2:

This is the easiest bracelet to make. All you’ll need is 3 white strips and 3 blue strips of  craft foam.


Divide them into pairs of two, one white and one blue in each pair, and braid them.


Cut it to the size of your wrist and sew it shut.



It’s a really easy way to make a fashionable bracelet.

Bracelet 3:

This is my personal favourite, but it also takes the longest to make. For this, you will need a loom. I bought this mini-loom for a few dollars. If you don’t have a loom, you can make little cuts in both sides of a shoe box and use that as a loom.

Anyway, use string and put in on the loom like this:


Now take a needle and thread and put five beads on the thread.


Lay these beads on the string, with a bead between every two strings. Then hold your needle underneath the strings and pull it back through the beads. This way, your beads will stay in place.


Repeat this until the bracelet is long enough.


Then, tie the strings together and attach rings and a clasp like this:


I think this one looks soo pretty!


Here’s a link to the design I mede for you to make the bracelet. You can print it to make sure you don’t mess up. The arrow shows where you should start.

The design

The bracelets also look really pretty combined:


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DIY cute button earrings

Hello there,

I’m back with a new tutorial! Sorry it’s been a while.

This time I’m going to show you guys how to make these cute button earrings. They are easy to make and great to give as a present or just to make for yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • Two earring hooks
  • Two cute buttons
  • Two jewellery rings
  • Two cute charms


I made one pair with purplish buttons and little keys and one pair with pink buttons and little leaves, but you make both pairs the same way.

Step one is to take some pincers and open up the little ring in the earring hook and slide the button in. You probably won’t be able to close the rings entirely around the buttons, but this doesn’t matter as long as the buttons can’t slip out.


Then, using the jewellery rings, you attach the charms to the hole opposite of the hole were you put the hooks.


And that’s practically it! It is so easy, but I really liked the way they turned out.

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Diy cork necklace


Hi guys,

in this tutorial I will show you how to make an easy necklace with cork and a stamp. It is a great DIY because you can make it very personal by stamping whatever you like on it. You could also make best friend necklaces by making two that match.

This is what you’ll need:


  • A stamping pad
  • A cork
  • A pretty stamp (it doesn’t have to be the same size as the cork)
  • A chain
  • A pin
  • A pretty charm, this is optional but will make the necklace much prettier

Step one is to take the cork and cut off a slice. You can do this with a fretsaw but a knife will work just fine too. The slice should be about a little less than a centimeter thick.

The next step is to just take the stamp, press it in the inkt firmly and then press it on the cork. Make sure to not move the stamp as soon as you’ve touched the cork, or it’ll become a mess.


Let the inkt dry for about 10 minutes before you go on to the next step. I also added a thin layer of clear nail polish on the cork to protect the ink.

With the pin, punch a hole into the cork from behind and bend it around the cork.


Bend it again and wrap it around the top of the pin. fullsizerender-24

I decided to add a pretty charm by sliding it on a ring and around the pin.

And your necklace is finished!


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DIY necklace/bracelet from scraps


Have loads of scraps from previous projects somewhere in a drawer? Well, I did. So I decided to do something with them; making a necklace/bracelet. You can choose which you make, it depends on how long you make it and how long your chain is.

Level: easy

What you will need:

  • A chain
  • A ring
  • Loads of scraps (think of ribbons, beaded chains etc.)
These were the scraps I used.


To start, line up the ends of your scraps and make sure they are all the same length.



Then, use a white piece of rope to tie all tour scraps together. Make sure it’s secure!


Now, divide your scraps in 3 groups…


…and start braiding!


The last step is to cut your chain in two pieces and to attach them to either side of the braid and you’re done!


You can use it both as a necklace or as a bracelet, whatever you prefer.

Used as a bracelet

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DIY necklace from shells



I was on vacation last week and found a lot of shells on the beach, so I decided to make a necklace from them. Here’s a tutorial so you can try it too!

Level: easy

What you need:

  • A shell
  • A little beed (like a key)
  • A clip
  • A closing piece
  • A pretty rope (I bought mine for 90 cents in a DIY store)
  • A bead with a ring attached
  • A little ring (not shown in picture)
This is everything you’ll need.

To start, attach the clipper to one end of the rope.


Then, make a little hole in the shell with the drill. You have to do this very carefully, or the shell will break.


Attach the key to the little ring and put it through the hole in the shell.


Now attach the bead with a ring to the rope…


…and slip the ring through it.


Now, attach the closing piece to the other side of your rope.



And you’re done!


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