DIY Hanging Decor


Hello everybody!

Starting off, I’m so sorry this post was delayed two days… I’ll be sure to post on time next time!

But today I’m showing you how to make this DIY Hanger, It’s really easy, cheap and only takes a few minutes to make.

What you’ll need:img_8626

  • A stick
  • Wool in a colour of your choice (preferably thick)
  • Some string /rope
  • Scissors



Step 1:

Start with cutting off your outer strings. Cut two strings off your prefered length. Make sure they are the same size.

Then, fold the string double lay your stick on it.


Take the ends and pass them through the loop.


Do the same for the other string.


Step 2:

Cut your next two strings, these should be a few inches longer than the last. You can choose what length you like.

Knot these to the stick the same way as we did in step 1, but make sure they are on the inside of the first two strings like this:


Step 3:

Repeat step 2 until your stick is full, making sure each pair of new strings is longer than the last. At the end, for your final length only cut one string and tie it in the middle. Thick wool works best for this as you won’t have to tie nearly as many knots and it looks simpler and (in my opinion) nicer, but you can always try with thin wool if you want.

This is how it should look:


Step 4:

Take your other string or rope and make a knot in the middle. Then tie both ends to the stick like this:


And you’re done! When you hang it on a wall the strings will get pressed together a bit which gives it a nice effect.


And you’re done! I love the style it has, what do you think? let me know in the comments!

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DIY Halloween Decorations – A Collab


The weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker. The trees are dropping their leaves. Everybody knows what time it is… it’s time for Halloween!! Let the spooky decorations and treats come and most importantly: the Halloween parties!! 
This post is actually a collab with Maddie from alittlemadsmith. She blogs about DIY’s, crafts and baking. Her blog is amazing, you should definitely check it out!
We decided to organize a Halloween party together! I’m doing the decorations and she’s doing the treats, so definitely check out her post too! (link at the end of this blog)
For the decorations, I made three things: paper maché pumpkins, a ghost from a plastic bag and a spiderweb from string. I’ll explain how to make each of them in this post.
Starting with the pumpkins,
Paper maché Pumpkins
What you’ll need:
  • 1 balloon
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 cups of boiling water
  • old newspapers
  • elastics
  • tape
  • paint


Step 1: making the paper maché glue

To make the paper maché, take one cup of boiling water and put in a bowl. Then add one cup of flour and start stirring. Gradually add more boiling water until it becomes a smooth consistency. Then let it cool down and it’s ready to use.


Step 2: preparing the balloon

Start with taking a balloon and blowing it up to the size of your choice.


Then take your elastics and pull them around the balloon. Use tape to make sure they stay in place.

The elastics give the balloon a more flat and pumpkin-like shape and they give the balloon pumpkin-creases.


Step 3: Covering the balloon

Start with cutting the newspaper into thin strips. Then cover the entire balloon with paper maché glue and stick the strips to it vertically. Press each strip down tightly and add more glue if needed.


After you’ve done the first layer I recommend doing 2-3 more layers to make sure it’s strong.

Also cover the closing piece of the balloon to form the stem of the pumpkin.


Step 4: Painting

You should wait for +-24 hours until the paper maché is completely dry and it has become hard. Then you can take your acrylic paint and paint the balloon. I decided to go for orange with a black stem, but you can be creative if you want.



I think these turned out really cool. what do you think?

Spider Web

This was really easy to make, all you’ll need is string and tape.

Start with cutting three strings of the same length and stick them to a flat surface like this:

Then take a long string and bring it between the strings, making a knot to each.

Tek another string and repeat the same for the inside, making a spiral. Knot it every few strings.

That’s it, it’s really easy. Carefully pick it up and use the tape to stick it to somewhere you want.

Floating Ghost

To make this you’ll need some thin plastic. You can use plastic bags, cover sheet (like I did), maybe even cling film? You’ll probably be able to find something you can use at home.

You’ll also need some iron wire and fishing line.

Start with taking your iron wire and bending it around a circular object to form a circle

Place the circle in the middle of a big piece of foil and wrap it around.

Then make a ball from a piece of plastic and place it on top of the circle

Use another piece of foil and wrap it around.

Keep repeating this until you think it’s enough. Then use some fishing thread and wrap it around the foil and make a knot. use a needle to stick it through the head of the ghost so you’ll be able to hange it up.

And that’s it. Use some tape to stick it to a wall or attach it to a hook on the ceiling for a spooky ghost.

And that’s it! All of these decorations are really easy to make and cost almost nothing. A great way to make your house a lot more spooky. 


Be sure to check out Maddie’s post here, it’s amazing!

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xxx, Yara